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Job Interviews

Tesla Onsite Front-end Development

Hi, I have a 2.5 HR onsite at the Fremont campus. I know at the very least, that the first hour is going to consist of a technical challenge. Anyone have any insight on what to prepare for, for a front-end engineering role?

$ 25 Reward
Job Interviews

Google TPM Onsite

I am going into an onsite interview for a Google Cloud TPM role and from the recruiter, I've heard that i should expect three program management interviews and two technical judgement The main areas that will be covered in these 5 interviews I am told are General Cognitive ability - hypothetical Leadership - behavioral Googleyness - behavioral Role Related Knowledge - behavioral

$ 35 Reward
Job Interviews

Upcoming Apple Hardware Interview

Hi, I am going to have FPGA (Hardware) Prototype On-site interview soon (in bay area). I need help regarding interview preparation, questions, strategies and tips. YOE: MS + 2.5

$ 30 Reward

Looking for referral to Nvidia - Computer Vision/Deep Learning New Grad position

1. My Background: Experience in deep learning, computer vision, and fullstack development. Prepared for technical interviews. 2. Desired companies and job IDs (if applicable):

$ 20 Reward

Looking for referral to Google Health, Apple Health, Verily Lifesciences, Amazon Health

1. My Background: 10+ years of experience in product management, client engagement , infrastructure (AWS) in healthcare technology 2. Desired companies and job IDs (if applicable):

$ 25 Reward
Job Interviews

XFN (cross-functional) collaboration interview at Facebook (for Dir Eng role)

Looking to get some details on the cross-functional (XFN) collaboration interview at Facebook for a Director of Engineering role.

$ 50 Reward

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