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Career Advice

Technical Sales Engineer Career Path?

There are at least three different career growth paths for those in the technical sales engineer role. First, depending on the size of the organization, you can spend most of your career in technical pre-sales with plenty of growth...

yinz41 Microsoft professional
Job Interviews

Amazon Interview strategy

First, let's discuss the tactical mechanics. Candidates who apply to Amazon will typically first be screened by a recruiter. Recruiters look for specific job qualifications and experience, as determined by the Hiring Manager...

YYCO10 Amazon professional
Company Reviews

OCI (Oracle Cloud Infrastructure) culture?

We are building cloud 2.0 in Oracle Cloud infrastructure and it is once in a life time opportunity to see how cloud infrastructure is built from the ground up. There is a unique opportunity to not repeat the mistakes done by different cloud vendors...

QaWJ54 Oracle professional
Career Advice

New grad looking for career in finance

I am going to answer those questions from a perspective on how to maximize your long term career potential. Since you are an undergrad you need to establish skills that demonstrate value early so you can start building a brand/resume;...

EKdt02 Salesforce professional
Job Interviews

Senior Program manager, Microsoft, interview process

Recruiter will have a 30-minute informational learning about candidate's skills/experience while sharing more details on the team, role and answer any other questions candidate might have. Recruiter will share the information over..

xIQS84 Microsoft professional
Job Interviews

Apple SDE Interviews

The phone interview covered some coding (like find the bug and some algorithmic) and some domain specific questions (i.e. how to design an efficient Dockerfile). The on-site had 4 rounds...

ztdQ83 Apple professional

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