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Job Interviews

Senior Program manager, Microsoft, interview process

Recruiter will have a 30-minute informational learning about candidate's skills/experience while sharing more details on the team, role and answer any other questions candidate might have. Recruiter will share the information over..

xIQS84 Microsoft professional
Career Advice

Startup for SDE Pros and Cons?

There is very little barrier to you jumping from team to team and wearing different hats. If you're a software engineer interested in trying out different domains of engineering or even moving into data science...

Job Interviews

Mgmt consultant thinking of strategy position at Google

First of all, gather referrals. This is probably the single most important step. There are many ex-consultants at Google. You should be able to find someone to connect. It would be also great if these referrals had something good to say about...

ScSJ62 Google professional
Job Interviews

Amazon Prime Video SDE Interview

Each round consists of 1-2 questions revolving around the Amazon leadership principles (LPs). You will be asked about a scenario and you need to answer how you dealt with it. The leadership principle being asked...

IvIu23 Amazon professional
Career Advice

Series B Startup vs. Big Company

Some others say big tech companies (I'm assuming your well-known tech company is much bigger than a series B startup and is probably public or very close to being public) are not as fast-paced as startups and therefore have less learning opportunities...

Job Interviews

PM Interview Prep for Microsoft

Let me start off by clarifying something about the title involved here. Although Microsoft does have a "Product Manager" role, most people, when they refer to Product Management at Microsoft, are talking about..

JBTz51 Microsoft professional

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