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Series B Startup vs. Big Company

Some others say big tech companies (I'm assuming your well-known tech company is much bigger than a series B startup and is probably public or very close to being public) are not as fast-paced as startups and therefore have less learning opportunities...

Fyxd57 professional
Job Interviews

Apple Audio Software Engineer Interview

In the SWE org it is common to have technical interviews about topics that affect directly the position one is being considered for. Rather than more generic questions like LC-type CS questions, one is likely to face questions about machine learning,...

keYv42 Apple professional
Job Interviews

Facebook UX Research Interviews

Phase 1: Call with a recruiter/sourcer to gauge your interest and skillset initially. Typically all research managers have an ask for type of skillset that they've already specified to the recruiter (quant, qual, mixed methods etc)...

jHiz62 Facebook professional
Company Reviews

Your experience at Uber

I joined in 2015 right as the company launched UberPool and right before we went into China. It was a high energy time. Everyone was excited about where the company was headed....

EKdt02 Salesforce professional
Company Reviews

What is engineering culture like at AWS?

AWS in general is known externally for poor WLB and excruciating on call shifts. This doesn't really apply to my immediate team in AWS Marketplace. We have manageable workload and relatively low operational overhead...

izhh27 Amazon professional
Job Interviews

Google Cloud TPM Interview Tips

We typically have 5 rounds of interviews - 3 program management, 1 tech judgement, 1 behavioral. Sometimes you might have 2 tech judgement and 2 program management rounds....

xEXJ64 Google professional

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