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Career Advice

Offer comparison: Amazon vs Startup

For general software development roles grad schools make it slightly easier to get the attention of big companies, at the expense of time and financial investment. Most companies measure performance by contribution...

hwuU11 Amazon professional
Job Interviews

Facebook UX Research Interviews

Phase 1: Call with a recruiter/sourcer to gauge your interest and skillset initially. Typically all research managers have an ask for type of skillset that they've already specified to the recruiter (quant, qual, mixed methods etc)...

jHiz62 Facebook professional
Job Interviews

New Grad Interview Process at Google

If you have enough time to prepare, I suggest going through 200~300 Leetcode questions (30/50/20) split on easy/medium/hard questions. I would go through CTCI (Cracking the coding interview) book. Some common mistakes people make...

kIrR02 Google professional
Career Advice

How to become a better software engineer?

Go out of your comfort zone - Take on the projects or challenges which you have not taken on before. Always keep a high bar for yourself. If you are coasting comfortably in Microsoft by just reflexes and not ...

QaWJ54 Oracle professional
Company Reviews

Amazon A9 work culture

One common theme however is the relative small-size (compare to Seattle) of the teams and the big impact of the projects. Some like to describe it as "start-up culture with Amazon resource" which is still true to some extent...

hwuU11 Amazon professional

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