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Facebook resume review and referral

Resume review and referral for someone trying to get out of small start ups. This is for product at Facebook.

$ 35 Reward
Resume Review

Resume Review, SWE, 2 YOE, FAANG Roles

Hi, Resume review for a software engineer with 2 YOE. Looking to get into FAANG for general software engineering roles. Referrals to FAANG or similar tier companies would be great. Thanks.

$ 10 Reward
Resume Review

Resume Review for SWE - YOE 4

I'm a full stack engineer who has been interviewing and looking for a new role for months but hasn't landed an offer yet. I find that I haven't had much luck when submitting my resume online and wondered if there were any improvements I could make to it. Any suggestions are appreciated. Also, I have already interviewed with 3/4 FANG companies so I am not looking for referrals to those at this time since I am in currently in the waiting period to re-interview.

$ 15 Reward
Resume Review

Why am I not getting emails back?

I'm not sure why I am not getting emails back after applying to fulltime jobs at big N companies. I interned at Amazon for 3 months and assumed that this would definitely help me out. My GPA is low so I omit it from my resume and applications where possible (only Google asks for GPA and transcripts).

$ 20 Reward
Job Interviews

AWS Amazon Writing Assessment

I would like to improve my writing assessment for the AWS loop interview.

$ 10 Reward
Job Interviews

Robinhood Android Engineer Intern

I am applying for Android Engineer Intern position at Robinhood. I finished the online CodeSignal challenge and I am moving on to the technical interview.

$ 20 Reward

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