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Company Reviews

Product Marketing at Facebook

I work in the development stream, and in terms of culture/work, it is super interesting being able to work closely with engineering and product managers, around building a strategic...

dWMl40 Facebook professional
Career Advice

How to become a better software engineer?

Go out of your comfort zone - Take on the projects or challenges which you have not taken on before. Always keep a high bar for yourself. If you are coasting comfortably in Microsoft by just reflexes and not ...

QaWJ54 Oracle professional
Job Interviews

Amazon Prime Video SDE Interview

Each round consists of 1-2 questions revolving around the Amazon leadership principles (LPs). You will be asked about a scenario and you need to answer how you dealt with it. The leadership principle being asked...

IvIu23 Amazon professional
Job Interviews

Interview Questions for AWS Sr. TAM and Cloud TAM

Although the specific questions will be up to the interviewer's to decide on, the behavioral questions for a Sr. TAM will most likely be based on the Customer Obsession and Ownership leadership principles. The Customer Obsession question will...

HndT71 Amazon professional
Career Advice

Career change from consulting to tech

The vast majority of ex-consultants switch to non-engineering roles. Especially popular are roles in strategy & ops, corporate development, go-to-market, and product management. In most cases you won't need a boot camp or...

ScSJ62 Google professional
Company Reviews

What is engineering culture like at AWS?

AWS in general is known externally for poor WLB and excruciating on call shifts. This doesn't really apply to my immediate team in AWS Marketplace. We have manageable workload and relatively low operational overhead...

izhh27 Amazon professional

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