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Job Interviews

Facebook Machine Learning SDE Interview Tips?

For the ML design round, you need to demonstrate a good understanding of the end to end ML system/workflow, not just the modeling part - for example, data preparation, feature engineering, model deployment...

wvHg77 Facebook professional
Career Advice

How to become a better software engineer?

Go out of your comfort zone - Take on the projects or challenges which you have not taken on before. Always keep a high bar for yourself. If you are coasting comfortably in Microsoft by just reflexes and not ...

QaWJ54 Oracle professional
Job Interviews

Amazon Interview strategy

First, let's discuss the tactical mechanics. Candidates who apply to Amazon will typically first be screened by a recruiter. Recruiters look for specific job qualifications and experience, as determined by the Hiring Manager...

YYCO10 Amazon professional
Job Interviews

New Grad SDE at Amazon

The general process for new grads is that you receive two online assessments, followed by an onsite interview with 3-5 rounds. The two assessments focus primarily on...

GLTC14 Amazon professional
Career Advice

Career prospects for New Grad Engineer at Amazon

Amazon is a great place to start your career, but it's not for everyone. I would say that your experience will depend very much on your org and even more so on your boss. Overall, however, Amazon will certainly be a place where you'll be...

GLTC14 Amazon professional

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