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Job Interviews

What to expect in Facebook iOS Engineer interview

We are NOT finding someone who already knows the best way to solve a question. We want to see how you approach the question. So while writing on the whiteboard, you must talk what you are thinking. Say you need to solve ‘A’...

egxp07 Facebook professional
Company Reviews

Product Marketing at Facebook

I work in the development stream, and in terms of culture/work, it is super interesting being able to work closely with engineering and product managers, around building a strategic...

dWMl40 Facebook professional
Career Advice

Offer comparison: Amazon vs Startup

For general software development roles grad schools make it slightly easier to get the attention of big companies, at the expense of time and financial investment. Most companies measure performance by contribution...

hwuU11 Amazon professional
Company Reviews

What is engineering culture like at AWS?

AWS in general is known externally for poor WLB and excruciating on call shifts. This doesn't really apply to my immediate team in AWS Marketplace. We have manageable workload and relatively low operational overhead...

izhh27 Amazon professional
Job Interviews

Apple SDE Interviews

The phone interview covered some coding (like find the bug and some algorithmic) and some domain specific questions (i.e. how to design an efficient Dockerfile). The on-site had 4 rounds...

ztdQ83 Apple professional

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