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Looking for referral to Facebook

1. My Background: Software Engineer Intern with previous experience at blockchain analysis company in NYC. Incoming SDE Intern to Amazon this Summer. 2. Desired companies and job IDs (if applicable): Facebook SWE Intern position.

$ 20 Reward

Referral for Apple and Google

1. My Background: big data stuff 2. Desired companies and job IDs (if applicable): for google.. just trying to get a referral first.

$ 25 Reward

Rubrik new grad referral

1. My Background: 2. Desired companies and job IDs (if applicable): Rubrik new grad SWE

$ 10 Reward
Offer Evaluation

Apple Contractor Offer Review

Please review the offer for a contractor position. SWE, senior role, 6 YOE. 185k for salary, no RSU and bonus. Contract-to-Hire position. If I were to take the job, how can you secure "hire" process? In another words, what kind of metrics and performances should I show to get hired full-time?

$ 20 Reward

Looking for Apple referrals

1. My Background: 2. Desired companies and job IDs (if applicable): a) b) c) d)

$ 15 Reward
Resume Review

Applying to Data Scientist and Data Analyst Jobs

Recently updated my resume to be more metric oriented. Prior to this, have not received much responses from companies in general.

$ 25 Reward

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