About Us

Our Story

We wanted to create a place where anyone can comfortably ask questions and receive trustworthy answers. After speaking to professionals in the industry, we found out that many people want to help others but have busy schedules. We also found that people are interested in side projects in addition to their primary job. We thought the easiest side job would be one utilizing pre-existing knowledge, which led us to think of career advice.

What we do

Rooftop Slushie is an anonymous, professional consultancy platform where users can ask questions to professionals currently working within the world’s leading companies.

Navigating through vast amounts of information until you find what you need is a time-consuming task in itself. Our mission is to connect people with professionals who can provide relevant answers to questions. We want to provide people with the ability to ask questions directly to experienced professionals who are leaders in their respective fields.

What does the name mean?

We wanted to create a place where people could exchange information transparently. We also understood that this platform would allow information to mix and converge. We also wanted a cool, laid-back atmosphere. Fun fact: our favorite character on Silicon Valley is Big Head and he really likes hanging out on the rooftop drinking his super-sized fountain drinks. So we thought why not Rooftop Slushie?


Professional advice accessible to everyone, allowing people to make the best decision.

Our Mission

To connect users with a qualified and verified professional who can answer their questions.