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GCP TAM Interview

QdSQ86 Aug 26

In the TAM role you are in front of customers every day. For this specific Case Study based interview, the interviewer will play the role of CTO of the customer and you will play the role of the TAM for that account.

(Required) Please prepare and respond to the questions in the interview as how you would do in a real customer meeting using the following customer criteria:

Begin Scenario

The customer is an established SaaS company and is on Google Cloud Platform (GCP). They completed the migration recently which was heavily focused on lift & shift of:

~ 50k virtual servers hosting their application and products in one zone of GCP without any auto scaling

2 Petabytes of storage

Using MySQL

Monolithic architecture

The SaaS company are now running entirely on GCP. They are six months away from the peak season during holidays and this will be their 1st peak season on GCP. They are nervous about their infrastructure on GCP sustaining the increased load and are looking forward for Google’s assurances that their infrastructure on GCP can scale to peak volumes.

You have a planned meeting with the CTO (the interviewer). Please prepare how you would approach it and what would you discuss with the CTO to alleviate the concerns.

End of Scenario

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