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Google Onsite Limit

XnPH27 Nov 8

I'm currently an L4 Software Engineer at a FAANGULA (or whatever the cool kids are calling it these days) with ~4.5 YOE. I've always been very passionate about working at Google but somehow have had bad luck at the onsites (and admittedly suffered from a lack of prep my first attempt)

I was lucky to be invited for SWE onsites at Google 3 times, out of which 2 attempts were during college and right out of college. I tried a 3rd time last year and was told by the recruiter that I got 2 strong yes's, 1 yes, 1 ok and 1 no in the HC and after an unusually long discussion, they decided against giving an offer.

Last week, a recruiter reached out to ask me to try again but also told me that this might be my last attempt. She mentioned that after this I would have to wait a much longer time (~5 years).

While I certainly don't expect to fail this time, I recognize that luck plays a factor in the interview evaluation process and the finality implied by the recruiter's comment has put extra pressure on my prep. I wanted to understand from others with personal experiences whether:
They have personally interviewed people who were able to make it on their 4th/5th try in their life
- Transparency about how strongly this policy is followed enforced in practice or if, with relevant experience and strong referrals I would still be able to try again.



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