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How to get into FAANG - proper plan with sources

Anonymous May 31


I am a non-cs software developer working in a small service company - salary is okay (>$120k). I am an okay software engineer in my company.

I don't have basics in DS or Algo. I know basics in java (between beginner to intermediate) and CMS tool called Adobe Experience Manager (similar to WordPress).

I want to crack FAANG. I know it's a big dream, but I do want to.

What are the resources that can help me? How can I prepare and plan this?

I know about leetcode.
However, apart from practice, I will require the learning of basics about DS, Algo, System design, and anything they may ask.

I need to learn DS, Algo, System Design, Java (almost everything), Any other open source software, etc. and anything else they may ask.

For learning all of these, I will need resources and planning.
I am only interested in online resources. I know there are so many sites - Coursera, Udacity, Udemy, and Youtube.
But there are so many. For example, even for DS Algo, Coursera has one course, Udemy has one, Edx has one. SO which one to choose is my confusion, and I only want the best resource.

Suggest the best resources for each topic that Faang interviewer can ask. You can include a few books as well if needed, but I prefer online resources.

I am just looking for the best resource for each topic like DS Algo or Java etc.. If you have two recommendations for some of the topics and you feel that I should go through both, then suggest both.

My major problem is choosing resources as I know lots of resources. So that's why reaching out here.

Also, if you can suggest the planning part that will be helpful.

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